UR 12 FL Studio Screeches Everytime I add a plugin

I have the latest drivers with a correct install. When using the Steinberg ASIO within FL Studio… I get a harsh screech with most actions. Adding plugins to a channel, screech. Denoising a vocal cut in Edison, terribly long screeching while it processes. Hit play, quick screech/clip. Most actions engage a screech which makes engineering almost unbearable. I have to remove my headphones every time I do something. It’s incredibly fatiguing on the ear.

Any ideas? No underruns. Alienware computer. Gear is all clean and well kept. No screeching with ASIO4ALL nor FL Studio ASIO. Steinberg’s has the least latency though so… I’m stuck with a ring in my ears and a headache. Again, driver is all up to date–no problems.

I get a similar problem whenever I link an input from my interface to a Mixer track or when loading up Kontakt. No screeching but definitely causes a slight freeze-up. When I’m doing screen recording my audio drops out for a second too… not sure why. I have an M-Audio M-Track Plus running the M-Audio ASIO driver. Let me know if you figure it out!