UR 22 Audio feedback loop-Help!

Is anyone experiencing an intermittent audio loop when using the UR22? Its driving me mad! This is NOT audio feedback from a mic but audio coming from various apps and cubase itself. I would post a sample of it but it seems we are not able to post mp4 files. Any thoughts would help-thank you.

Does it stutter, like as if a CD was skipping? If so, I’ve been having a similar issue while running Logic and other programs. I’m using a 2015 MacBook pro and I upgraded to Catalina to keep up with Logic’s updates. I never had an issue prior to the OS upgrade, but now I’m finding that I can’t run two programs (even Chrome and iTunes) without having this audio feedback.

Hi Amat7 Yes its very similar to a CD stuttering-it last for about 3-4 repeats and then its stops. Its been going on for about a year now-very intermittent some days its there other days its not however I have to say I am still on Mojave. I have put in a support message to my Steinberg account but that was weeks ago-the virus probably having a lot to do with the lack of response. Im presuming its something to do with a clash of audio drivers but I only have the UR22. I did try down grading the UR22 driver but that did nothing. also getting rid of sound flower but still no good. I’m on my computer today but so far it hasn’t happened! Its very frustrating!