UR 22 C - Ipad 6 - Cubasis 3

HI, I’ve just bought the UR22C, a brandnew original Apple Cable USB > Lightning and an external 5V Wallplug and switched the Power butto to the right (5V) - started Cubasis 3 but the IPad does not recognize the URC22. ???

Hi PicknSlide,

Seems not to be a Cubasis issue here in this case, correct?

Please have a look at the UR22C manual, to learn more how to connect the device with the iPad:

I strongly suggest to use Apple’s original adapters and cables here.
If the problem persists, please file a bug report in the hardware forum.



Same issue here. Used USB-C > Lightning cable that came with my iPhone 11 Pro and UR was not seen by my iPad Pro. Using the UR’s cable with a Camera Connection Adapter fixed the problem. Next issue is that the UR does not supply power to the iPad!!

Hi SamV, Hi all,

Thank your for your message.

You have posted your questions in the Cubasis forum.
To have your hardware problems addressed, please state your question in the hardware forum, or get in touch with our support department.


Hello SamV - Very few hardware interfaces (iOS only accepts USB) have charging capability for iOS devices. I use a iConnectivity Audio4 which can charge 2 iOS devices while using. Here’s a list of interfaces that charge iOS from a rival DAW that’s eqally useful for Cubasis users: http://www.auriaapp.com/Support/auria-audio-interfaces