UR 22 DAW Mix Latency

I recently purchased and set up a UR 22 with Cubase AI6 through which I am experiencing latency from the UR 22 headphone jack. The DAW live feed is latent and sounds like a VST delay is inserted. I selected a 44.1 khz sample rate upon installation—would this be the problem? I am running AI6 64-bit on Windows 7 with a Core I-5 and 8GB ram. Is this just a setting?



After researching the web I discovered that the latency problems that I was experiencing was, in fact, due to a buffering setting within my computer’s sound card. After increasing the buffering size to a maximum, I can now hear no latency in the DAW live monitoring mix. I speculated that this, at first, was a hardware setting; I am running the UR 22 and Cubase AI6 on a Thinkpad T410 with a beefy Core i5 and 8GB RAM, so hardware was not part of the trouble-shooting question. I highly recommend the more the merrier of processor speed and RAM size when running any digital audio workstation.