UR 22 gain setting

I plugged electric guitar directly in hi-z channel on ur22. I hardly turned the gain up past zero and the red peak light started flashing. I was strumming lightly. When I played the track back I didn’t hear any clipping. My concern is when I start recording heavier guitar parts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, are you using distorted guitar or a clean sound? What guitar are you using?

I was playing clean. I tried a les paul and a strat. Just strumming some light chords. Only happens when set to hi-z.
I’m not sure what will happen when I try to record bass guitar. When I play without hi-z there’s no peaking, but the sound isn’t as bright. Not sure if there’s another way to record guitar and bass.

If you have WaveLab or SoundForge, open a guitar file you recorded WITH and WITHOUT Hi-Z. Then examine the waveform peaks. If they are flat in some sections, there is digital distortion. Of course, the guitar is lifeless without Hi-Z and distorted with Hi-Z (in my case). Or post a section of the file and I’ll examine it and post a picture of the effected section(s). Chances are there is distortion even without Hi-z.

We really need a database of guitars somewhere which are distorted with the UR* interfaces. I can’t use my guitars with them. Also try rolling back the volume on your guitar. I personally think the preferred method of recording guitar with a UR* interface is by mic-ing an amp.

Thanks. I may try mic-ing an amp. I recorded tracks on cubasis for ipad(3 guitars and bass guitar), transferred tracks to cubase and they sounded great. I would like to do more on ipad, but once I get past 5 tracks latency problems start. It’s ironic that I can’t get the same result with this interface.