UR 22 input left/right split

Hello there, i would like to ask you, is there a way to split the input channels to left/right output? Because both inputs are sending their signal to both monitors. I would like to be able to send input 1 to my left monitor and input 2 to my right monitor. Is this possible?

Thank you very much.

I don’t have one of these units, but does it not work to PAN the inputs hard left and hard right?

If you monitor the inputs in your DAW you can do whatever you want, but what i want to do is split the direct input signal left and right to my monitors, without using any DAW.


This would not be possible on the hardware itself.

my problem is just the opposite!! I can do that lolol but can’t record and make it go out stero… :frowning:

Can you send a picture of your settings?