UR 22 mk II: Audio mutes randomly

Sound randomly mutes for a few seconds. It happens randomly and lately it has been happening more often. When it happens, the light starts blinking and when the sound is back it starts to shine discontinuously again.

I tried updating the drivers and the problem remains. My output: Yamaha HS 5 speakers. I have Windows 7, 64 bit.

Please help as this is getting rather problematic when editing audio files.

  1. Connect to different USB port in your computer.
  2. Try another USB cable.
  3. If possible try with another computer.

I will definitely try that, I would like to know though: is that something common? Are cables usually responsible for these kind of problems? Which other pieces of hardware usually trigger this sort of behaviour?

Hey JuanJuig,

Were you able to fix the problem? I have the same issue with this thing running on a laptop with Windows 10.

Sound is no longer coming out from my speakers but it showing signal on the system…