Ur 22 mk II setup problems

Hello all :slight_smile: I’m new to Cubase and having some issues.
I checked the forum but could find exactly what I needed to know so here I am.
thanks for any help.

I just picked up a steinberg ur22 mk II
I’m currently downloading and installing Cubase ai but in the meantime am trying it in Cubase 5

My problem is for one I don’t have monitors so I’m just using headphones
The specific issue is I can’t hear any output from my guitar when the mix knob is over to daw
I hear my input just fine so for example open a new track with a distorted vst amp
Click the little icon to enable track monitoring and strum guitar and hear nothing when mix is set to daw


I click studio under bus name phones it’s days not connected
I left click DEVICE PORT and select the ur22 for output still no sound on daw

Under INPUT it has the ur22 as both stereo inputs
UndernOUTPUT Its not connected but changing it doesn’t seem to help either
Am I doing something wrong

Should I just wait and install ai or will that have the same issue ?
I’m only gotten as far as load up an fx and can’t make any headway I’m not a professional just trying to record some songs would be nice to monitor via my headphones since the mix knob seems foesigned for this

Any advice would be much appreciated thanks

Never mind figured it out literally just after I created the topic now I feel stupid lol
If it helps anyone else you also have to independently
Select input and output sources on each channel
Select a channel and a box will appear all the way to the left
Don’t know how I missed that thanks