UR 22 mk ll - No Sound

Hi… hoping I can get some help with my newly purchased UR22 mk ll which I bought last week.

Roland PC-200 MIDI keyboard controller… has no sounds, it’s just an input controller with one MIDI OUT which is…
Connected to the UR22 MIDI IN
UR22 MIDI OUT connects to my Ketron SD2 MIDI sound module"s MIDI IN
DAW, Sonar Platinum.
Records and plays no problem. TROUBLE is, there’s no sound during recording or playing back through my Alesis monitors (yes they’re turned on :smiley: )
No sound either way through the headphones plugged into the UR22 as well
I’m using the latest driver for the UR22
Using ASIO driver
Windows 10 sounds all work through the UR22 and out of the Alesis monitors

Like I said… everything is working fine when recording or playing back in Sonar. Just no sound when recording or playing back.

Any help from anybody would be so greatly appreciated!