UR 22 MK2 - 2 outputs?


I’d like to use the UR22 for live drumming with backing track and click track.

Does the UR22 have 2 outputs? This doesn’t work for me in cubase.

Output 1 I’d like to use for the backing track (played live, everyone hears it)
Output 2 I’d like to use for my in-ear monitor so I hear the backing track AND click track

Is this possible with UR22 and Cubase 8AI?

I can’t seem to get the 2 outputs working. I can’t even route to LINE OUT 1 and LINE OUT 2 differently.

Thanks in advance

You need to set up two separate MONO output busses and then you can route the outputs separately.

OK thanks, I hoped i could have 2 stereo outs.

Thanks for your help!!