Ur 22 mk2 cubase windows 10, no clean record

I have several audio tracks with acustic instruments.
I will record vocal on a new audio trak while I hear playback of instrumental tracks
Problem: all other tracks are recorded when I try to record my vocal!
I can not record clean separate vocal on the new track!
My vocal is recorded together with all other tracks
What is wrong? Thank you for help!

Hey Hamid
Could it be that you have loopback enabled maybe?

Problem solved:
Cubase>> Device Setup>> VST Audio System>> Yamahar Steinberg USB ASIO>> Control Panel>> Steinberg UR22mkII>> Enable Loopback
I have unchecked “Enable Loopback” and now I can record “clean” audio on a new track, while I can hear other tracks playing.
Thank you very much!

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