UR 22 mkII doing sudden noises

hello guy’s please help

to the problem:
iam a really normal user who like’s a good sound. when i surf on youtube, listening on winamp and watch movies i get really distorsion metallic sound for couple of sec and then it disappeared again.
i have this sound card for half a year. the problem started in the last two weeks.
i did not made any changes to the software by myself (maybe it is autoupdating)
when you are in the middle of a movie or even in listening to music to get one min of crappy sound and you can’t do anything to do with it is really frustrating

please help !

my spec:
core i7 930 2.8ghz
6gb ram
windows 10 64 bit
steinberg UR 22 mkII (ver :
speakers : mackie mr8 mk2

have you installed the newest firmware for youre ur22 mkII?
if you don´t…
be carefull and patient while doing a firmware update! otherwise you can really do damage to your Ur22
the new firmware was some solution for me with my ur22 mk2 with mac os x.