UR 22 MKII not recognized by XP

I just purchased a UR-22 MKII audio interface. I tried several times to install it on my desktop PC, using Windows XP sp3, but it doesn’t get installed. The usb led of the UR-22 is always blinking. I tried with the older versions of drivers from Steinberg, which are supposed to be working for XP, Vista and still nothing happens.
Does anyone know what can I do to make it work? Thank you. :question:

Are you connecting to a USB3 port by any chance? And you’ve installed all the software as per the instructions with administrative rights?

XP is about 16 years old now, I know its a great OS, but I doubt the MkII was tested a whole lot on XP by Steinberg, I a surprised to see its actually supported. Time to upgrade?

Yes, I tried everything and it is not working, even though there are XP drivers available here, from Steinberg. I installed it normally on my win7 laptop so, I guess I will install win7 on my desktop as well. Anyway, thank you!

Drivers won’t help if the firmware is not supported on XP and Vista.