UR 22 mkII win10 mono output

Hello, my ballance in sysyem (win 10) is not working properly since today at least. On two independent win 10 computers with UR 22 MKII.
In DAW everything is working alright, but as soon as I am listening to youtube or mp3 file, everything goes in mono. No settings were changed. Maybe its win 10 update issue, Im not sure. Any ideas?

I just learned from the official representative here in Brazil, that it is a limitation of this interface because it does not have an internal dsp. Unlike the UR44 and UR28m models, there is a control application on the OS through the dspMixFx program. You will only be able to function properly by running a DAW.
Hope this helps.

Wait a sec. This could not be a limitation of this interface (or any other interface) for two reasons: everything worked fine till yesterday, and nobody would buy it, if it could not play a simple stereo signal while any internal sound card of any computer would. It’s kinda basic function of any sound interface.

OK I seemed to solve the problem. For some reason my system switched to mono output after another win 10 update. Seems have nothing to do with the interface. It happened independently on two differen machines at the same time though. Used ‘mono’ key word to find the setting.