UR-22 Not Working with OSX Seirra

Hey everyone, new to the forum here and hope someone can help me.

I just updated my operating system to OSX High Sierra and came to find out that the UR-22 doesn’t seem to be working anymore, even though I downloaded the latest Yamaha Driver.

Is the latest Yamaha driver not compatible with High Sierra? Does anyone else have this problem?

It’s strange because when I plug in my UR-22 with Garageband open, I get message popping up saying there’s a MIDI input now available, but when I go to select the Input/Output Device, there’s no Steinberg UR-22 like there was before I updated my operating system. The MIDI input is detected, but not the device itself or something?

I rely on this audio interface for my voice over work and have been stopped in my tracks because of this, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I was still running OSX Mountain Lion before this update and only updated to the latest operating system because I was having trouble with apps no longer supporting Mountain Lion, so I really wouldn’t want to go back and downgrade my OS using a backup just for this issue.



The latest drivers don’t support “High Sierra” yet (“Sierra” is the previous MacOS version, that one works).
The UR-44 has a switch in the back so you can switch it to “class compliant mode”; That turns it into a stereo in stereo out interface and you lose the software mixer with the DSP effects. When in that mode, it works in High Sierra, works fine with Logic Pro under High Sierra if don’t need the extra features (I do, so old Sierra it is for me).

The UR22 is advertised as working for iOS so I assume it doesn’t need a driver and always works in class compliant mode (it has no switch in the back. Try uninstalling the driver, switch the interface off, restart computer switch interface on and it should pop up in the audio system preferences.

Apple today released High Sierra 10.13.2, which in the release notes says:

  • Improves compatibility with certain third-party USB audio devices

You might want to give it a try and see if the UR-22 works better in the new version.