UR 22 USB Audio Interface


I just wanted a little information about my UR 22 Interface I got. I’m not sure if it’s a problem or not. I’m using a Mac with Logic Pro.

I have an microphone plugged into input 1 by an XRL cable. I have another microphone plugged into input 2 with the same type of cable. When the Input gain is all the way down (or to the left), it’s still picks up a signal from the microphone. I’ve been recording with these microphones with the input gain all the way down. When I turn it to the right it turns it up but when I turn it all the way to the left it doesn’t silence it. Is this a problem with the way I’ve hooked it up or is that just the way this interface works?

Thanks everyone

If the output from your mic is high enough then sure enough it’ll work with the gain all the way down, that’s normal.
Sounds like your mic may have a preamp of some sort built in though, most microphones don’t output a level that high.

This is absolutely normal behaviour. With most microphone preamps the “gain” control is there to adjust how much the preamp amplifies the microphone signal. It’s not there to turn it off.

From the UR22 Operation Manual, the GAIN range for the microphone inputs is +18dB to +60dB, which means that when the control is at minimum, the voltage gain is still 8. That is, it is not -infinity.

A case of, if in doubt, read the manual!