UR 22, WILD Balance Levels, Panning, Stereo issues Win 7 sp1


Just bought a UR22 to replace an M-audio fasttrack pro which worked fine for several years then just simply gave out. However, the UR22 balance, pan, and stereo functions are wildly all over the place in several rather essential audio apps. Here is an overview:

  1. Audacity: hard panning two tracks all left, then all right, does nothing to change the position in stereo and in fact when perfectly centering a sound can cause it to go completely silent.

  2. YouTube: If in the Windows line property control box the Levels>Balance>Line 1/Line 2 are both set to 100 the weirdest secondary channel phase, secret ghost channel appears and reveal some sort of bizarre mix results. Only when one of the two channels is then slid down to zero does some sort of normal resultant mix return to the headphones or speakers. What the?

  3. iTunes: slightly similar situation to the YouTube drama mentioned above.

  4. Propellerheads Reason: Stereo hard pans full left or full right do not legitimately appear as fully panned stereo in result?

Please advise, I do not want to register the product yet because I may need to return it, obviously. I had a YouTube review of the product planned but obviously at the moment that would not be fair to the company.

Thank you,