ur 242 and hardware

Hello folks, i am about to upgrade my whole system and was looking at buying the ur242 but i cant find anything on here or the web that convinces me that i will be able to use [for example] an outboard hardware compressor or eq unit while mixing. Can some body tell me if this is possiblen and how. I will be moving up to cubase artist 9.
Thanks in advance. Paul

Ok, maybe i will rephrase this. Can anybody that works for or is associated with the company called steinberg that i am considering spending a good deal of my hard earned money on software and hardware please explain to me which of their audio interfaces will allow me to use a hardware compressor while mixing or will i go and ask this what i would think to be a basic question on protools/ focusrite?

If you want a reply from a steinberg employee you should file a support ticket, this is the user forum :wink:
Anyway, yes you could but that particular device only has 2 outputs, and I’m guessing you’ll want to connect 2 speakers there which leaves no room for a compressor. So ideally you’ll need a device with 4 outputs, unless of course you’re only using headphones, in which case the ur242 is fine.

Thanks Strophoid, looks as if i will have to go for something with more outs.