UR 242 clipping issue

Hello all,
I have encountered one issue that i need your advices.
In my current setup, I connect my Passive pickup guitar (Jackson DK2M) with unbalanced jack cable to my UR 242.
I connected UR242 to my computer (I downloaded , latest drivers from Steinber website.)
I use Cubase AI as a DAW (I use Yamaha Latest ASIO driver with 512 buffer size , 44,1 sample rate.) I use free VST apm sims and Amplitube etc.
My issue is: Whenever i start recording, Guitar sound is cut many times. Then i need to start recording from scratch. If i am lucky, i can finish my recording before i encounter this issue.
I think this is called “Clipping issue” but i am not sure if it is the same.
Can someone please help me for the solution?
I hope i provided sufficient information.

I can’t say exactly what it is, but a couple things come to mind from your description. First, you might have the buffer size set too low. Try raising and see if the problem is resolved. Second, have you adjusted the input gain on the interface so that you are not overloading the preamp?

If you haven’t tried those two things, give them a whirl. I hope that this can help you out! Good luck.