Ur 242

I’m using UR 242 with Cubase Pro 11.
The hardware tab does not appear in the mixer even though Direct Routing has been turned ON and the RACK HAS DIRECT ROUTING CHECKED.
I’m unable to direct monitor vocals or use reverb as the strip does not show up.

Did you installed the dspMixFx software? This is the hardware control software that integrates with Cubase…

Thank you.
The only software I have is what was installed with the driver.
Everything worked fine until recently.
Mainly with Cubase 11 Pro after installing it.

tbh… how should I know what you installed with the driver?
Is it installed or not?
Maybe you can try to start it? Without Cubase running…
Is it configured correctly?
You have to configure two mono input buses to have the hardware tab available.

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All good now.
Thank you.