UR 28M – No Line Input

Hello Everybody

I have just purchased my new Audio-Interface, but i cant really start at the time.
Just for the information: I’m working with Ableton Live 9, i have the UR28 linked to my iMac and to my Yamaha AX397 Receiver (i dont have monitor-speakers, only normal ones).

What i want to do: I want play my microKorgXL through the UR28 in my DAW (Live9) and i also want to sample some music from the vinyl that spins on my turntable (Reloop 4000M3D), wich also runs though the UR28.

I have the MKXL linked with two mono cables in the “MIC/LINE/HZ-1/2”. This connection actually works, and i can play sounds from the MKXL in my DAW through the UR28.

I have my Turntables linked with my Receiver (PHONO) and i have a cinch-check cable from the “out (rec)” from the receiver through the “Line Input 3/4” of the UR28. But theres no signal coming.
If i plug the cinch-check cable though the “MIC/LINE/HZ-1/2” it works halfway, and i have at least a mono sognal, but it sounds bad.

I tried to help myself with trying other connections, but im sadly dont have the knowledge of the whole interface stuff.

i would be very lucky if someone could help me with my problem.


Can’t help with Live since I’m a Cubase/Protools user, but I think you have to configure UR’s inputs on Live.

I had no troubles running a similar setup on Cubase a few months ago, with 2 guitar players and a CD player with samples. Guitars to inputs 1-2 (Hi-Z), CD player on inputs 3-4.

finally got it. like you just said, its a DAW option ive missed

another question, the signal from the receiver/turntable is a little bit too quiet. i have to turn it up in the DAW, but i think there are better options to it. do you think i need a pre-amp, or should i just turn up the volume of my receiver, while sampling in the DAW?

and thank you very much for the solution

Line 3/4 only has a +4dbu/-10dbv option in the UR mixer. No controls other than that. Just click the upper gear icon to set that level.

I guess you want -10dbv (which is louder) since you’re not feeding it with pro gear/balanced signal…or you can just raise the volume on the receiver a little bit.

A turntable requires an RIAA Preamp, there is no getting around this, virtually all records are produced using a specific RIAA EQ curve physically embedded into the grooves which must be counteracted when playing back. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIAA_equalization Some turntables have this built in but many, especially the more expensive (older) ones leave this task to the Amplifier and it’s specially tailored Phono input. I have a Soundcraft Compact 4 mixer which I use as a submixer, which has two inputs that provide this function with a switch.
I also have a standalone preamp, and have heard there are software variations. So there are a number of options at your disposal - but you do need one and just turning up the volume won’t cut it.
(The output of a turntable is below line level however the output of a Phono Preamp should be at line level, so you can then use the appropriate Line in normally.)