UR 28M VS Virus TI snow

Hi all

this is my first post here and i hope you guys can help me with this weird problem i have.
so, last week i bought the virus ti snow, with a big smile i hooked it as shown in the manual and the device worked for 20 seconds and then stopped and no audio came out.
after trial and error i found out that if i disable the virus audio driver ( not the midi one ) it works fine,no problem.
means there is some kind of a clash between the UR28M and the virus audio drivers.
not that i mind not having the virus audio drivers off,its just abit annoying that i have to do that in order to use both devices.
i should also mention that i tried other usb ports and no luck.

anyone had the same issue and knows how to fix it? :confused:

yay, it’s working,finally.

so, i updated my UR28M to ver 2.1.3 and it’s working great.
virus Ti on UR28M sounds amazing on my Genelec’s . :smiley:

why then if i try to update thru the software,it updates only to 2.1.1 ?


I’m Back again and i’m still having issues with the virus ti in conjuction with the UR28 M.
when the UR28M is connected i hear crackles and noises thru the speakers.
sometimes the sound even gets stuck and continues playing .
but when the UR28M is not connected and i listen thru my headphones output on the virus i get no noises.
please help, cause if i won’t find any fix for it i’ll probably get rid of the UR28M .