UR-44 Audio drop outs


Without a driver fix this is a piece of junk. And it is scandaloue you have done nothing about it. What kind of Michey Mouse company are you?

Get it fixed, now



Just ignoring this fundamental problem with your products you pretend is pro audio quality? Disgraceful

It is really disgraceful that you expect anyone to care about helping you after your first post. And you haven’t provided a single iota of useful information about the problem. I haven’t had a single dropout for probably at least six months.
Good luck with your issue. Maybe someone will want to help you.

Excuse me?

Steinberg have through their negligence wasted literally hundreds of hours of my time.

There are numerous reports of the problem. Drop outs. What do you want? Audio of the missing audio?

I don’t expect to obtain any assistance from other users. I expect to Steinberg to provide software and driver support to make the hardware they sell usable. I’m still waiting, and the total lack of any official acknowledgement is nothing short of a scandal

You are wasting your own time. There are very few reports or complaints that I have seen in the last six months or so since the new drivers were released. They seem to have fixed the problem for many or most users. Not for you apparently, so you will have to figure out why you are still getting dropouts on your system. You haven’t even said which OS you use. You just post threats, demands, and insults. THAT is a waste of time because it won’t get you anywhere. You have wasted literally hundreds of hours of other peoples time who read your useless posts, complaints, and baseless accusations. Shame on you.

Cool story, fanboy.

Meanwhile back in the real world here is a thread full of people with dropout problems on their Steinberg audio interfaces.

You may be right on one point though; given the flagrant disregard Steinberg is showing for their hardware users, I can easily beilieve they are deserting the company in their droves in disgust.

I’m not sure how feeling that you should provide useful information about your problem instead of demands and insults makes me a fanboy but if it makes you feel better I guess it doesn’t hurt me.

So a few people still get dropouts on their systems. The key to SB figuring that out is information, of which you have STILL provided NONE (wasting more time and energy). As I said before, good luck getting your problem fixed.