UR 44 Cubase AI dropouts

UR 44 Cubase AI dropouts

I experience drop outs (out of sync) during record and playback as well as playing on windows media player and all other music software.
Latest drivers and firmware installed. Tried changing buffer size, removing unnecessary services and applications.

I was thinking of buying a Focusrite scarlett but decided to go on the ur as i have excellent experience with the MR.

Is there a major difference between the 1.8.2 and the 2.0 drivers?
Please assist.
Any ideas?

Maybe have a look at sync rates and if you are clocking internally or externally etc.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

i can do that within software such as Cubase and the problem appears within all music players including windows media player.

Steinberg support team.

I’ve bought this UR44 about a month ago and after checking different types of audio interfaces. I decided to buy this when because i had excellent experience with the MR. I’ve spent a considerable amount of money, more than other cards that were an option.

I am getting dropouts on playback and record on all audio software i use: Cubase, Deckadance, Windows media player. I installed the latest drivers and firmware updates and still it is no good. This does not happen on my realtek internal sound card.
This is preventing me from recording properly and i am postponing work i have.
I have posted on this forum a number of time and no help. I’ve checked with my distributer in Israel and they can’t solve the problem. i cannot email the steinberg support because my country is not mentioned within the list of countries that are eligible for support.

My system:

Lenovo 8ram intell quadcore
Windows 7 pro 64 bit

I can supply any other info if needed.

Please assist, i can’t say that i will say good things on this interface yet, it is giving me a hard time.