Ur 44 headphone output bad sound when not panned

Does someone have it like this or can explain, I panned the daw channel and the master channel both to left or right (pan range 16) in the dsp mixer and the sound is way better and louder than it is when both in centre (on headphone output the sound is muddy, like with fx,just not so good). Can you explain should it be set like this, why its better and if that can affect mixing or smth cause I dont hear the differnce in pan balance when set both hard left or right but maybe it is because the range is only 16?

Sorry its solved, new drivers and some weird headphone setting was the real issue…Another q…How can you listen to mix 2 when not in daw(cubase) and can you monitor, listen to it together with mix 1,lets say for adding two speakers from 5.1. system…

I’m having the same problem with my UR44. Could you be more specific how you solved the headphone issue?
I have the latest drivers and I have tried with another pair of headphones. Still not working. I’m running a win 10 system.

Looking for Headphone Amp, It’s work. I use UR44 with Samson S-Amp. My DT770 250 ohm can unleash with full potential.


I have the same problem. The headphone output is not stereo and the sound is very weak. When panning the sound gets louder and better but still it is centered not panned to left or right.

Headphone amp does not solve this issue since it does not make it stereo.

Tried with two different computers and had the same issue with both setups.

Has anyone solved this problem yet?