UR 44: no direct audio input signal/ hardware monitoring

Hey guys,

I’m pretty new to this stuff and also not a native English speaker so apologies in advance for any incorrect terms used :slight_smile:
I have a yamaha keyboard connected through 2 stereo jack cables to the (5 and 6) line inputs of my ur44.
Before I start Cubase (Artist 10) I hear the normal unprocessed audio signal (hardware monitoring) coming through my headphones. Once I start Cubase, the signal disappears and the only way to hear any audio while playing is to add a track and then activate the green monitoring button next to the record button in the left track menu. However, this is only the alerady processed audio signal. I also need the direct unprocessed analog input signal from my keyboard.

I am fairly certain all the routing settings are correct and all drivers are updated to their newest versions but to be sure I attached a couple photos/screenchots if anyone would like to check,

THe strange thing is I also have a ur22mkii which is working just fine: independently from any routing settings I hear the direct analog audio sound coming through (also in Cubase). Besides, the ur44 works with other programs like Maschine 2.0. Only in combination with cubase artist it doesn’t.

As I said I tried different routings, deinstalling and reinstalling all the drivers, plugging the stereo cables into the 1 and 2 MIC-inputs instead of the 5 and 6 inputs, as well as enabling and disabling the direct monitroing function in the vst-menu (just to mention a few attempts).Now I really have no clue how to procede and would be very very thankful for any help.

Many thanks!


I was able to find the problem :slight_smile: so for anyone struggling with the same issue:
Looks like Cubase automatically starts the dspMixer when booting. The dspMixer (at least in my case) in some way took control over the hardware monitoring and didn’t allow it, so I wasn’t able to hear the unprocessed raw input signal from my keyboard.

As soon as I deinstalled the UR-Tools software including the dsp-Mixer I could heear the hardware monitoring again.

Now I only need to find a way to have UR Tools installed and still hear the hardware monitoring :smiley:
I would imagine this has to be possible by adjusting something in the Cubase or dspMixer settings.

I’ve spent more days trying to find someone who understands the UR44 and how to use it in Cubase. (I had to revisit the manual to check a ‘casual’ sentence (again) that says the UR44 DSP mixer is usable with any DAW “OTHER than Cubase.” It does not say how you set up, use, and configure the tracks/setting/sends etc to enable control of the Vocal recording level and the DAW music backing tracks level.

My UR22 had a simple ‘balance adjust knob’, so I was able to adjust/hear my vocal going in, whilst adjusting/listening to my music tracks. I had no latency issues. I am now into my 6th week of not being able to get the UR44 to function simply.
I am amazed at the pathetic Yamaha/Steinberg instruction and lack of info/support.
I would’ve thought that, after years of existence of the UR44, the MAIN (pro) function would have been addressed. That is simply recording a vocal to existing music tracks in Cubase. (Something that EVERY user surely does?)
I have run out of patience with (non=Steinberg) tutorials and manuals, NONE of which address this. Why haven’t Steinberg?
I have gotten to the stage where it appears I need to set up additional GRP, FX, Busses, Hardware tracks etc in order to control the UR44 from within Cubase to simply hear myself when recording vocals.(???) I am not the best at technical issues regarding recording but I am good at my English and learning. Does anyone know where I can find a simple Overview of how to set up and use this over complicated way of monitoring. If the answer is to slow down my workflow, instead of tweaking a “Balance knob” as in the UR22, then I guess I’ll have to sell the UR44, as it’s too late to send it back.
Please, can someone…, anyone… help, or direct me to some sensible, logical straight forward answers.
Thanks. John

I have the same problem…
I’ve buy today a UR44…
And I’m very angry for this operation mode… It’s a killer of workflow…
For me, if there isn’t a possibility of listen directly the input without activate monitoring in cubases’s audio track, this audiocard Is totally useless!
I’m really very disappointed…
I believe I will sell this card immediately

you need to delete UR44 Extension, to stop controling it by Cubase. After that, you will control UR44 From Driver (DpsMixFX)

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components (ur44_extension.dll) move this file to other folder, then run Cubase.

Also, you can creat External input in Cubase Control Room to monitor your external input imidiately (but you have limmitation of Monitoring only 1 source Cubase or Ext. input)

Thank you very much!!!
This evening i’ll try It!!

I’ve try it, and it’s Ok
But when i close cubase and re-open FspMix Fx automatically start an setup who re-write the ur44_extension .dll in folder …

When can I stop this process of setup whenever?

I have read another topic in this forum but I haven’t undestand… Can you tell me step by step your procedure?

its strange, at this point i dont have ideas. hope someone explain in detail

I’ve solved

Drag file ur44extension.dll in another position, open It with notepad (or similar) and delete all. Save and drag the file in the correct position.

But I have another problem, the input meter of cubase show Crazy input low level… And nothing is attached to the soundcard’s inputs