UR 44 NO sound from mic input 3+4

Hi, I was recording vocals just fine in inputs 1+2 but 3+4 there was do sound at all. Am I missing something here? I may be ignorant but I thought an XLR cable would work plugged direct in 3+4… and yes I made sure I had phantom power enabled. Help much appreciated!

Gain up?

Yeah the gain is up. I don’t understand what I"m missing…

Check your VST connections and recording track input routing.
In order to help any further you need to provide somewhat more information. Describe the whole routing chain. You’re only providing (less than) half the picture.
I’m just assuming you’re using Cubase Pro for recording - unfortunately you don’t say.

I think that may be the problem! Thanks BriHar!! I’ll check the inputs in VST connections asap