UR 44 Registration issues

I am setting up my new computer and have hit a snag with my UR44. Loaded software from original disk not recognizing e-licenser, deleted installed eLC ver .1249 registered via MySteinberg still not recognizing when I go to register. Needless to say I am stuck.

There is a “Reactivating” procedure in the Knowledge Base that should do the trick for you.

Reactivate the ur44? What I have read in MySteinberg said I could use the use the same eLC registration code.

No. Reactivate the license for the software. You may just have to contact support.

last thing, will the ur44 still work on my old computer with Cubase elements 8 and do I need to deactivate CBE 10 on my old computer?

The UR44 will definitely work on the old. The “Basic FX Suite” license (Guitar Amp Classic, Rev-X, Sweet Spot, etc.) will need to be on that computer if you want to use the effects plug-ins inside the DAW (they will work inside the UR without additional license). The other software for the UR doesn’t require a license (the USB driver and dspMixFx app). For Cubase Elements, you need another license to use it on two computers UNLESS you transfer the license to a USB eLicenser then you can move that back and forth. Did you upgrade from CE8 to CE10 or get a second license?

upgraded from 8 to 10 I will need to go through and open files in 10 on new computer and that’s where they will stay. The Basic FX Suite will need to be on the new computer. Just throwing thoughts on access just in case. If need be I can always use my old Alesis Multi Mix 8 to get access on the old computer. When you say additional license does that mean additional $$?