UR-44 Using a DI BOX in reverse for Re-Amping

Hello Folks,

Has anyone tried Reamping with a DI Box by using it in Reverse?

  • You take a 1/4" balanced TRS cable out from any output of the UR-44 and insert it into rear panel of your DI Box Output via an XLR Female to 1/4" female. (Mine is a Behringer DI-100.

  • Then on the Front of the DI Box connect a 1/4" TRS balanced cable from the Input to the input of the first pedal in the pedal chain.

  • Then a TS unbalanced cable from output of the last pedal in your pedal chain into a Hi-Z input on the UR-44 (1 or 2) ?


Behringer confirms that the DI-100 won’t work in reverse for Re-amping but I will test it once I receive my XLR Female to 1/4" female cable

The reason it won’t work is because it’s an active DI box, meaning it expects 48V on the output.
To do what you want you need a passive DI box:)