UR-44C Only 2in/2out detected by windows and DAW

Hi, I’m using the UR-44C for a few month now, I tried to record some music with my friends this week with Audacity, and it was only able to detect input 1 and 2. I tried on Pro Tools, but still, only 2 in and 2 out detected. And it’s something new, because a few month ago, I was able to record properly input 5/6 on Pro Tools while using output 3/4.
I didn’t do any firmware or software update between the time it worked and now… So I did both, just to see, and it didn’t fix the problem. It’s even worst now, because Windows detect the UR as “Line(2 -Steinberg Audio Device)” instead of “Line(4 - Steinberg Audio Device)”.

Hope someone already encountered this and have a fix !

Windows sees the interface as 2in 2out. That’s normal. Your application needs to use the asio driver to make use of all inputs and outputs.

Well, it seems that Pro Tools changed my default “playback engine” by itself. That was why I couldn’t see it on the “Hardware setup” window. Yet, I can’t find a fix for Audacity, that’s not a huge loss.

Thanks Misohoza !

Good to hear it works.

For applications that do not support asio you can kind of get around this by using loopback. The application will still recognise only first two inputs but you can use any physical input on your interface as they will be looped back. The signal will appear on inputs 1 and 2. I sometimes do this when I want to connect a mixer (I use inputs 5 and 6 on the interface) and use this with skype or zoom. But it could also work with Audacity.