UR 44C. Sound issues when loading plugins


I use the UR 44 C card. I use Fl Studio 20.
When loading plug-ins, the sound stops for a while and after loading, severe distortions with sound begin. also with other plugins that require a lot of RAM. And with any plugins, the longer a plugin takes to load, the more time I hear distortion. in the region of one second. also, if sound comes from other applications (for example, discord) at the time of loading, the sound from third-party applications is very distorted. when the plugin is loaded everything bounces back in a second.
Also worth noting. While the project is being rendered, sounds from other applications are also very distorted, as if they are stretched.

There are no such problems when I work on the Fl Studio Asio driver.

I used to use a different sound card, there were no such problems. PC performance problems are excluded.

Who faced and how to fix it?