UR 816C hissing - normal?

Ive just bought one of these and probably going to send it back.

Do your units hiss audibly?

I’ve found that I have to mute the inputs to stop mine hissing. I can use inputs from my ada8200 and they sound fine, nice and quiet, but as soon as I unmute one of the UR inputs I get his, (which builds up the more UR inputs you un-mute).

I’m sure mines defective but it’d be handy if someone could tell me that this isn’t normal?

ok my problems seem to have been fixed by swapping around my adat cables and making sure they were seated properly.

All the hiss has gone and some other weird behaviour has been fixed.

Dunno why though?

Mine is dead quiet.

mine is too now regarding the hissing - I’m pretty sure it was an ADAT cable not seated properly.

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