UR 824 & ADAT

Can someone help. My UR 824 works ok until I plug up the ADAT channels. Then the only way I can get sound from the ADAT A is to chose ADAT as clock, but none of the analog inputs in the UR unit works. If I disconnect the ADAT cables the UR analog inputs work fine, I can record and play back, but not with the ADAT plugged up.
Any ideas?
James Ratliff

Hi there, you have better chance of answers when posting this in the hardware section, there is a special ur-soundcard forum.

That said, somewhere in de dspfxgui in the options you can set the digital mode of the adat connecters, make sure its set to ADAT instead of SPDIF.

Can you detail your connection?

I use UR824 with an ADAT connected oktopre mkii, sometimes also another ADAT connected pre, and got no problems.

I use oktopre as clock, (config this in software AND hardware), be sure that your DAW, main audio card and ADAT stuff all follow the same clock