ur 824 dont start up

HI there im new to audio interfaces and have recently purchased a UR824 so apologies for the noob question that im sure will folow this post

Ive followed the instructions on setting up the interface with cubase 8

My problem is the interface doesnt look like it turns on… no lights come on and im not getting any sound from my moniters. when i press the power button it makes a clicking noise. ive installed the tools which come with the hardware too and the drivers are up to date but having trouble using it arrrgggghhhh driving me mad

can anyone help have i done something wrong is the interface faulty ?

SO when I try to run the firmware from the Steinburg site it says the UR is not connected.

I am running a USB cable straight From the UR824 into my PC which is USB 3.0

Also what is the clicking noise about when I press the power button on the UR824

very expensive audio interface - Not working = Not a happy customer

Please help

This reply is based on my personal experience with this equipment.

Before you pronounce it dead, try to power it on with nothing connected to it except the power cord - no monitors and no inputs. When you press the power button on the UR824 there will be one immediate click (an internal power supply relay I think) and the white power button will become brighter. Then a couple seconds later the default sample rate green light will illuminate and you’re up and running. If you are getting more than one click and no green light, then it seems the power supply is not behaving and is shutting you down immediately. I don’t think there is any software feature that would cause this. So you have a hardware problem, or the electrical system is faulty. The Yamaha power supply brick that comes with the UR is supposed to be good for 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz so it will work in USA or Europe. The brick is supposed to provide a steady 16V DC to the unit. You might want to test that voltage.

I hope you get it working. The 824 is a fabulous piece of equipment. I have had good results with mine.