UR 824 Hardware not showing up on Cubase 7

Hello There,
I’m a bit confused with this, why does this not show up? I added a Audio track and then when i wanna add dsp fx, the hardware channel is not showing up on cubase 7:( any solutions?
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To use the DSP, you need to apply it to the Input channel, under the hardware Tab. Be sure to have updated your C7, UR824 Tools, and UR824 Firmware. Then add the inputs as Mono Inputs in Devices, VST Connections.

In the mixer, on the Racks, add Hardware. Then on the Input channels you can open the DSP from Hardware. I hope this helps!

Hi Chris,
The Harware tab is the one which is not shown on cubase, I have all updates and still the same story:(

Hi Vocalixx

The hardware tab is there but won’t show if you don’t have “hardware” enabled in the mixer “rack” visibility tab. It also DOES NOT show up in the inspector in C7 (in 6.5 it apparently did but I didn’t have an 824 then, something I’d love SB to change if they can). You also have to have the input tracks visibility enabled. I realize you may know all this but I initially got quite confused at times as there was always one of these things I’d forget until I set it up in a template. It’s also quite hard to see if the mixer has a lot of channels showing, in fact the “harware” title doesn’t show at all if there are more than 30 or so tracks showing

Hope this helps

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Hi Dave,
Thank you for the helpful message, everything just works fine now.