UR 824 Monitoring Setup problem..

I am not sure where to post this. I posted my questions in the regular Cubase forum as well, but I add some more UR related questions here…

I just purchased an UR824. I want to use it with my band for playing live, we are using a playback with additional stuff, a clicktrack (for me, the drummer, I have a Laptop on my side) and we did it with a small 4-out Interface up to now. Stereo Out for me with Clicktrack, Stereo out for the FOH with the playback/samples…

I now want to set up a 4 way monitoring solution for combining the Laptop stuff with in ear monitoring.

So I connect Kick, Snare, Overheads, Bass, Guit, Vox and one E-Violin (using split boxes) to the 8 Inputs.

On Out 1/1 I have my in-ear.
On Out 3/4 the playback goes to the FOH
On Out 5, 6, 7 the other band members will receive their monitoring, most likely only in mono (exept the singer with stereo reverb, maybe)… I have to work this out still…

Ok… I purchased the UR824 to have Latency free DSP processing while monitoring, some compression and eq for the kick and stuff like that…

In addition I need to add “regular” FX to the playback, directly in Cubase - Delays synced to the tempo track for example for the vocals or a guitar solo - controlled via automation along the playback, send out with the regular playback to the FOH… That way I want to enhance the performance during certain parts - we do not have a mixing engineer who could take care of that.

Now the latency free monitoring only works with “direct monitoring” activated. So far so god. But now my “regular” monitoring is not working… for example send-FX inside the mixer. When I disable direct monitoring I have no benefit from those fiddly-to-use DSP plugins because I now have regular latency. Those plugins are ugly, btw - hard to tweak with a trackpad… but that is another thing.

For some reason the system latency is quite high - on my windows Studio PC I have only 1,5 ms in and 2 ms out at 64 samples - now I have something about 5 in and 6 out ore something like that… almost unusable. What is causing that? On 32 samples it is still 3 in 3 out or something but that is to much crackle and CPU use for safe live usage… 256 Samples would be fine - when using Delay etc it does not mess up anything…

The problem is that the DSP Mixer from that UR 824 will not work when I have Cubase open - so I am not able to use regular DSP monitoring beside Softwaremonitoring - like I can do with ANY OTHER interface in the world… I am used to use RME Totalmix to set up all the monitoring - and when I need to use an AMP Plugin (Guitar Rig etc) I just switch to 64 samples buffer and monitor that particular track via Cubase/Nuendo.

How can I use Direct Monitoring together with Software Monitoring (Delays, Automation, other Plugins etc)…?

This is necessary.

BTW: In the same time I am not able to route the UR 824 DSP Reverb to all 4 Stereo Outs… Only to one. This does not make sense - we are 4 musicians and everyone would like to have some reverb on the vocals…

Thanks for any hint!


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