UR 824-UR 28M problem Cubase 8.5.15(64 bit) Win 10 64bit

When I open Cubase I need to switch everytime to another ASIO driver (like: Generic low latency ASIO driver)
and then back to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO,
because Cubase don’t show Audio Hardware Setup(dedicated to UR) menu on Peripherals menu.
And so all the service of UR like input monitoring or Phones choice don’t work until I use this workaround method.
I Have two system with Win 10 Pro 64 bit and Cubase 8.5.15 build 126 and this issue affected both Computer.

Anyone…? or Moderator…?

Hi Luca
This issue has also affected me and others on here. I think you mean the top item on the menu- ‘Audio Hardware Setup’ - is missing, so you can’t switch audio drivers within Cubase. This was happening to me as well. The workaround I have found which has ‘fixed’ it for me is to re-install the ‘Tools for UR824’ software. Then, when you start Cubase and it is loading, you get a message box asking you which driver you want to use. This little message has a tickbox at the bottom saying ‘Do not ask me this again’. DO NOT tick this box, just select the driver you want and let Cubase carry on loading. I found this fixed it for me and the missing menu item has always been there since I did this. It means you have to choose the driver each time you start Cubase, but this is no hassle compared to having missing menu items!!!
I am on Windows 7 but apart from that our systems are very similar.
Your post is 2 months old now so you may have sorted it by now, but if not try this. It’s working over here… :wink:
Good Luck

I find that really odd. The only time I get that message is if I happen to have the power off on my UR824’s. My bad.

I also have not updated to the latest ‘Tools for UR824’. I am on Windows 7 as well and do not see the need to update what is already working.

I am one of those that will not go to Windows 10 until something breaks enough to have the need.

And I also hope you got this worked out. :slight_smile:

Best to ya!

Hi Jimmy
Just as a matter of interest, have you got the ‘audio hardware setup’ menu item visible on your system, and has it ever gone missing?
And I agree with you re Win10 - it’s hard enough getting everything working as you like it to throw another load of potential problems in the ‘mix’…!