UR 824 windows 8 3hr live recording last night zero issues.

Took my 14 inch elite book out to record a 3 hour show last night 24 channels of 24/48.
1x Steinberg UR 824 USB as master fed by
1x Steinberg MR 816 Adat
1x ADA 8000 Adat

Used windows 8 x64 and reaper x64( no dongle) . The O.S/ programs ran from the internal SSD and I recorded to the second internal 7200 drive which replaced the DVD drive

It all ran with zero issues, 3 hours of recording trouble free.

The 24 pre’ s were in a 3 u gig bag, the laptop is the size of a 13 inch mac book so all in all a very compact system.

Windows 8 with steinberg interfaces work fine :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley:

Likewise seems to be running fine…

UR824 with Cubase 6.5 on Win8 64bit Pro

Intel Sandybridge i7 2600K 16gig ram

Upgrade went sweet as a nut and once I worked out how to use the start menu I was pretty much in business. Seems faster as well. :open_mouth: :smiley:

Where you using word clock or optical cables only?
And how long optical cables have your tried out? :slight_smile:

optical only, using ADAT sync. The cables were 1m in length.