UR 824 with cubase outboard problem

Hi everybody,
I’m using cubase 7 and UR 824.
I’m also using an outboard compressor in the mixbus.
In the VST connections pane (the window which opens with F4) I created EXTERNAL FX . I set my I/O settings and now Im able to insert my outboard compressor in the main out channel of my cubase BUT ! If I move my big volume knob on the UR824 the volume which goes to my compressor also changes… :S I guess this is not the correct routing, is there a guide which tells every detail on using UR824 with Cubase 7 or can someone clearly tell why this connection is not working right…

no idea ?

I think I got the solution, its written in the manual’s page 17. you have to look in the diagram…
This is the section:
Master Levels Window
This is the window for configuring the master level of
the output jacks on the device.
Knob Control
Selects which LINE OUTPUT signal level is to be adjusted by the OUTPUT LEVEL knob on the device. You can select more than one LINE OUTPUT at the same time. Checkmarks indicate the selected LINE OUTPUT signals.