UR 824

I did get my UR 824 day before yesterday, after a gig i did get home and no matter how late it was, i just tried it and it worked without any complications:) Today the whole i did tested different mics and i must say the built in pre amps are clean like hell and an excellent output gain. I’ve used focusrite saffire pro 40 with octopre mkII, I shall never ever get rid of my ISA One, but being honest here … this is a great interface with built in professional effects.

Yep, I agree… I sold my RME Fireface 800 for it… and sofar no regrets

too bad … can’t use that lovely mixer in the background when cubase is opened :slight_smile:

Why would you need/want to? Every function and feature is incorporated into the Cubase mixer which makes much more sense. It’s a pity that this level of seamless integration is not possible with other DAW Progs.