UR as midi interface only

I have an Apollo interface , which has no midi connectivity.
Can I use the UR interfaces for midi only?
It could possibly double as a mobile audio interface , later down the road, which may be nice.
But for now, Can I just use it for midi without a conflict w Apollo?

Until you get a definite answer, as I’m not sure either…you could simply TRY it. Though, as I’ve always known, you cannot use two different ASIO drivers simultaneously within the same machine. This leads me to believe that, as long as the UR’s drivers aren’t selected, and it’s possible to access just it’s midi I/O, then my guess would be it’s ok. Mind you, this is just my own reasoning.

Alternatively, you can always pick up a ‘dedicated’ midi interface to use along with your Apollo audio interface. I bought used 8X8 Motu MTP AV’s from ebay very inexpensively. You’d just have to be sure if you need a USB version, or if a serial version can work in your machine, but if it’s a newer machine, you’ll need USB unless like me, I can use a serial version for the 8X8 midi router, then plug it’s standard midi connection into my sound cards standard midi IN…otherwise, I can use my USB version directly to my machine (yes, I have both). In fact, I would recommend a dedicated midi unit if you need a lot of midi I/O, if not then you can get by with a single midi I/O from a sound card, I did for years until I decided to start using outboard midi modules.

I ended up just ordering a MOTU micro lite 5x5 USB MIDI Interface. I’m assuming it will work just fine for what I need…midi connectivity for a couple synths, a controller, and a Roland V Pro drum kit.

Great, I do think that’s a safer bet to use a separate midi interface. I’m very pleased with my Motu midi routers.