Ur-c mqa?

I’ve got a UR44C. Is it MQA Certified? Or, if not, will it ever be?

MQA is a CODEC and the UR44C, like any other interface, delivers raw formats.
It’s the software you use with it that can encode to MQA or other file format.

So the question is not for the UR-C, but for Cubase, or Wavelab, or whatever DAW or mastering SW you choose.

I’m not convinced MQA is a good idea overall, but I suspect many Mastering tools will choose to offer it anyhow to answer market demand. (some might already - I did not check)

As long as you record with 24b / 96kHz, the raw result can be encoded later using MQA with its best settings.

If you where talking about playback and not about recording… then same reasoning applies. Just use an MQA-capable playback application and it should be able to send 24/96 raw to your UR-C.