UR-C USB Driver 3.0.5 Causes Problems, NOT Solves Them

I just spent one hour trying to get Chat support, the chat just ended.
I have the same problem, I have uninstalled the driver, but can not make Logic work. I have returned the product now, so I don’t have a license either.
Any suggestions to get out to this will be appreciated. Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 2.09.06 PM

Here 's the first place I’d look to get rid of problematic Steinberg Audio Units—
Let me also suggest going to Logic’s Preferences>Plug-in Manager>Manufacturer and you should see Steinberg Media Technologies at the very bottom. Select it and you should see Steinberg’s Plug-ins. Click on a button at the bottom left side called Disable Failed Audio Units and see what you learn.
Good luck. (If I’d known how much trouble I was going to have with Steinberb I’d would have returned it in a heartbeat).

Many thanks @J.AlfredPrufrock, I did as you suggested, the library plugins folders are all empty. And Logic prefs will not allow me to delete the Steinberg plugins listed, clicking the “disable Failed Audio Units” will not do anything.

When I quit and relaunch I get this error messages for "REV-X AU and elicenser control, which have to be canceled many times before it launches apparently with success.

If I could avoid doing this whole thing every time, I’d love it. At least now I can launch Logic. And yes, if I had known I would have returned the thing right away.