UR Extrnal Effects ability

I am looking at the UR44 mainly. Considering the UR824 also. I have looked through the manual and setup examples and don’t see any specific discussion of external effects routing.
On the UR44 I would like to use two of the front XLR inputs coming from my stereo guitar amp setup to record the guitar with basic effects only (from the amps in stereo).
Then, I want to have a stereo exeternal effects loop setup for delay, reverb, etc., so I can fine tune those effects settings before a mixdown.
First, can I do this with the UR44 and second, can I do it WITHOUT changing the physical connections every time I switch between recording and mixing?
Thanks for your help.


Hi jaslan.

UR44 has 2 stereo outputs:
Main out, line outputs 1/2, headphones one (Mix 1)
Line outputs 3/4, headphones two (Mix 2)

You probably want Mix 1 as your main mix.
So you’re left with one stereo output which can be used for cue mix, another set of monitors, external effect (one at a time)

You could use the outputs 3/4 and inputs 5/6 (line inputs on the back) for your external effect and still have 4 xlr inputs available.