UR interfaces audio drop outs (follow-up thread)

It’s definitely not a power issue. I’ve tried several cables, and connecting types too with no luck. I’ve also tried lots of software configuration methods even changing settings in UEFI. I’m starting to think that this is a serious hardware issue because i can not believe that yamaha or steinberg can not fix it. If it was a software problem, i’m pretty sure that they would have been fixed it by now.

If then, it has to be an incompatibility with certain hardware then though, because yesterday, i fiddled with my laptop and the UR12 for 2 hours, without a single drop out. The moment i plug it into my 10 times more powerful desktop machine, i get drop outs all over the place… weird weird.

I still hope that it can be fixed via driver though. If i don’t see anything happening in the next week, i’ll surely send it back. Unfortunately, i see this is a topic already since a year, so my hopes are a bit dampened right now, but i will still watch this. I also wrote Steinberg support about the issue, but, obviously, they won’t reply now, because it’s weekend.

What i find rather weird is that it doesn’tseem to happen when the GPU, or generally, the computer is fequented, which makes me think that it is indeed some kind of energy save issue.

What is the GPU on your computer that has the drop-outs?

I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 in that computer. I haven’t tried to frequent the GPU, and then use the UR12, i was just repeating what you guys were saying in the replies above. It totally makes sense to me though, as it’s something i already have noticed in some older games too.

So, another day, and still no solution, or reaction from Steinberg, so let’s keep on fishing in muddy waters. What about antivirus programs? Could those maybe interfere with the operation of the UR interfaces? I have my doubts, because i’m running the same on on my laptop, and on my desktop, and on the laptop, the UR works without problems. But, who knows, and without an official word, or will to fix this, we can only speculate, right?

I’m using Avast Free on both machines. How about you?

I’m using Kaspersky total security but it doesn’t really matter. Such a high quality product shouldn’t be interfering with other components or programs. That’s what the testers do before the release of the product.

Totally agree. Just clutching at straws here really, because i’m pretty desperate to figure out the reason for those drop outs. But then, i’m sure the other people posting in this, and the predecessor thread, have already tried everything i tried and much more to solve the problem, and failed. I really feel like i got the sh** end of the stick here with buying this interface… will probably end up sending it back next week, if there’s no reaction, because i don’t want to miss the period where i can send the thing back without stating any reason at all. Sucks, because i feel like, in this price region, there’s no real competitior to this thing. And i do like Steinberg actually. But, this is pretty ridiculous. :cry:

Problem solved now for me, i believe! I got the tip on the KVR Audio forum to try to deactivate my wi-fi adapter, and indeed, after i deactivated it, i was able to play 15 minutes without a single drop out. I will keep on observing it, but as of now, i feel like i sorted the problem out. I have no idea what the wi-fi adapter has to do with an USB audio interface, but it seems to be the source of the problem, at least on my end. Will report back if i notice that the drop outs come back again.


that`s one workaround!

Check the old thread, they`ve closed :slight_smile:!

Cheers, Mike

I see that now. I also have a Qualcomm Atheros adapter like the person reporting here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=512545#p512545 Hope that helps to be able to reproduce the problem perhaps.


I have problems with drop outs during audio playback in Winamp. Also when I open Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) the drop out is 3 seconds. Any suggestions?

I’m on Asus M51A, Win 7 64bit SP1, Intel Core 2 Duo 2,0 GHz, 3GB RAM. UR22 MKII + Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.9.8

EDITED: I have solved this problem successfully. I expanded RAM memory from 3GB to 4GB. Now everything works fine.

Hi guys,

I have made some progress with the UR22.
On my main PC (gtx970,i7,win10,z97mobo) i have disabled all the Nvidia HDMI audio ports, and with the DPC Latency Checker it is all fine, no drops, well maybe one or two once in a week.
On my ultrabook which is an asus zenbook ux303ub with i7 and a gt940m i was getting serious drops. I have disabled the gt940m in the device manager and i have also disabled the nvidia sound drivers. Now, when i check with the latency checker, it’s working fine but not 100% because sometimes i get drops. So i have also disabled the WIFI driver and the drops were reduced, but were still happening. I dont know what else i should disable because i do not have time for sitting in front of the computer waiting for drop-outs. It would be great if we had some updates from steinberg.

Well, that’s also part of this thread right in the first post :wink:

Disable anything that is not essential to your work at that point: WIFI, Bluetooth, web cams and other components connected or built-in

First, sorry for the silence! I set up the new thread shortly before I left for vacation.

In general, every additional program or component that is running on the system puts a certain strain on it. A WIFI adapter or anti virus applications that are active (or even perform scheduled tasks in background) can have negative effects on the performance. It may well be one driver component that doesn’t work properly and interferes with the real time audio processes. And it obviously is system specific as many systems do not show these drop outs at all.

The team is monitoring this thread and we are still investigating. Unfortunately, there is nothing new we can reproduce or have been able to address here internally at the moment.

Any of these security suites or cleaning tools have and always had a negative impact on the performance. With the internet connection shut down, do you see any improvement without having Kaspersky enabled?

Thanks for the heads up Ed, good to hear something official.

And good luck to the peeps with issues with fixing it. Fortunately, i found a workaround, hope something will work for you guys too, until Yamaha/Steinberg fix the issue.

Sending PM

Kaspersky nearly does not affect the performance on the PC. I dont see improvement while it’s disabled.

Not playing anyone’s advocate here, but security software always affects performance. I doubt that it’s the cause of the problem though, or network devices, as even a sh** general purpose ASIO driver like ASIO4ALL doesn’t get affected by all that… so why should the Yamaha USB driver get affected by it, unless there’s something very wrong with it.

I’m on a UR824 and for other reasons I tried to do the same thing first in Cubase 8.5.15 32 and there was a number of dropouts. Then I tried in Cubase 8.5.15 64 instead and the dropouts were just gone.
So C8.5 32 != C8.5 64 it seems? Anybody who can confirm?

More food for thought, and potential ways to reproduce the issue: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6473219

I recently installed Avast free (windows 10). I then noticed audio dropouts when using my UR22 for guitar input. I just uninstalled Avast and all is back to normal

I have Avast Free installed too btw. On my desktop machine, which had the drop out issues (which i then solved by deactivating the wireless card, as i wrote above), and on my laptop, which doesn’t have issues. For what it’s worth.