UR mk22 playing weird audio

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a Steinberg UR mk22 audio interface, and it has been working great. Yesterday I used it for listening to music and a Logic Pro session on my Mac. I listen through my headphones btw. But when I booted up my computer today, the sound the interface played back was really weird. It wasn’t distorted, but some frequencies were missing, for example I listened to a song with multiple artists and I could here some of the artists but some were just completely absent. The lower frequencies are completely gone aswell. And it sounded like there was reverb on the whole thing. I couldn’t find anyone with the same issue online. I tried updating my driver, and going to an earlier version of the driver, didn’t help. I checked if my headphone wasn’t broken on a different device, it still works. I tried everything, but nothing happens. Does anyone know if I can fix this, or is my device defect?