Ur rt high pass filter

ur rt what is the purpose of the high pass filter in the settings? is this for output? why stop at 40hz? i have a sub so that i could better hear low end.
Thank you in advance

The filter acts at the input. If you don’t want to filter a channel, just turn the filter off.

Knopf, Thanks for the reply. It seems you are referring to the hPF on the channel, but this is in the settings for the UR-RT.This is the page where i see the HPF and it has no off option. There’s also a setting for input 3/4 levels. I am not sure if this is a HPF for ch 3/4 or universal. If universal it’s odd because I might want a HPF on one channel at 80hz, but not on another. The user manual does not offer any specific information on this, either.

Hello Roo,

that what you are showing is related with the same thing. In this window you are showing you can set up the cutoff frequency, it is not for turning on or off. Then, if you are in Cubase, in the Mix Console, rack Hardware, you can turn the filter on or off in the input channel you want and all channels where the filter is on will be cutoff starting at the frequency you set up in previous window. The same if you are not in Cubase, but in this case you must use the dspMixFx. In the manual there are good block diagrams that can help to understand the signal flow.

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thanks, I will take a look at the diagram.

I took a better look and sorted it out in my head (haha). Thanks so much for the help. this can really be helpful if I am recording at home to filter undesired low end noise.

You must consider though that the filter doesn’t act for line inputs 3/4 (UR-RT2) or line inputs 5/6 (UR-RT4). From the picture you posted I assume you own the UR-RT2. These are the extra line inputs that are located in the rear panel.

By the way, in my manual version (Spanish) they talk about the cutoff frequency and this picture on page 14 and about the button to turn the filter on or off in each channel on page 12. Block diagram for the UR-RT2 is on page 43.