UR RT2 Disabling Input Monitoring

Hi There,

I ran into a recording issue regarding the Steinberg UR-RT2 series.
I run pro tools as the DAW.
Within pro tools I’m used to when I dont have the green “input monitoring” button activated on a track, I shouldn’t hear my input signal.
However with this interface I in fact still heard input signal.
I found out that its because of Steinberg’s little mixing software the input monitoring is always active. I couldn’t find a way to turn this off and therefore when recording in Pro tools I always hear my input signal unless I mute the track within the steinberg software.

Is there a way to fix this issue?
It seems like such an obvious error that one would run into when recording in pro tools and therefore i expect Steinberg to know of it as well.

A part from this all I’m very fond of their new interface line. It sounds amazing :slight_smile::):slight_smile: