UR-RT2 Headphone output not working?

Hi there,

I recently bought a UR-RT2 from an Ebay seller and to my surprise the Headphone output does not work? I have tried different cables, and even different Headphones but still nothing. IWhen I turn the output knob up it just makes a loud hissing/hum sound. I have checked all software/hardware setup and can’t see any fault with that.

I know it can’t be the cabels/headphones I’m using as they work on my other equipment without any problems. Therefore, I can conclude the Headphone output is definitely not working.

I reached out to the seller who replied with this:

Yes all aspects tested and all worked as they should? Not sure what may be the cause? I would suggest trying to reach out to Steinberg customer support and see if they have any recommendations?###

Please help as I don’t know what else to do.