UR-RT2: Input Settings Window has no headphones control

pg 16 shows a headphone control in the Hardware pane (Input Setup Window) but it is not there in either Cubase 9.5 or 10. Thus, I can’t select what I want to hear in the headphones. Specifically, the headphone out cannot be set up to hear only the audio from the DAW, e.g., Direct Monitor turned off, I wanna hear my egtr using the DAW plugin, and with DM turned off I do, but I also hear the uneffected guitar, i.e., the input.

With DM enabled, I hear just the output of the built-in FX section, which is what I’d expect.
With DM disabled, I hear the output of the DAW’s plugins, which is what I’d expect, and ALSO hear the unprocessed guitar input. How can I turn off the unprocessed input to the headphones? The manual shows a headphone control, but it is not there in the Cubase Hardware pane.

pg 16 of what, the Cubase manual or the RT?

p16 of UR-RT2_UR-RT4_Operation_Manual_en.pdf

i have to say that while I like what I’m hearing from this interface, esp. with the Neve transformers on vocals, the low quality of the software is giving me pause about keeping it.